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Identity verification

Secure the complete academic integrity of online assessments, every time.

With Proctorio’s integrated identity verification and extensive settings for various automated proctoring options, educational institutions are able to deliver a reliable alternative to on-site exams. Proctorio provides educators with the means to automate their testing processes and easily conduct secure in-house online exams without external proctoring personnel.

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Benefits at a glance

Fast installation

Operational in 30 minutes

Highly compatible

Seamless integration with your LMS

Fully automated

Objective, unlimited exam proctoring and ID verification

Data protection & privacy

Zero-knowledge-encryption secures test taker privacy and data security

Flexible & customizable

Institutions and faculties control parameters themselves

Scalable & cost-effective

Cost efficiencies through process automation and digitisation

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Flexibility of use and use-case

You can control the testing scenario for each exam individually, using Proctorio’s adjustable proctoring options to create a test environment specific to your individual assessment needs.

Options include settings for video, audio or screen recording, as well as lock-down options to secure the exam environment and prevent the use of unauthorised aids, for example, by disabling the clipboard, forcing full screen or only allowing the use of one screen.

On top of that, Proctorio also offers identity verification solutions, which help to determine the accuracy and integrity of results and protect your institution’s reputation.

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Immediate results – minimal effort

After the exam, you will receive an immediate evaluation including an overview of all test takers and their corresponding suspicion level (in %), based on your selected parameters. You can view details and evaluate individual test attempts directly by clicking on any given test taker.

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Cost-effective – Scalable – Compatible

Proctorio is cost-effective and scalable. Choose the pricing model that works best for you, based on your exam volume: either per student per exam or a flat rate per student.

Compatible with all leading Learning Management Systems

You can easily add the Proctorio extension to your LMS. Setup takes less than 30 minutes.

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Top-level data security

At Proctorio, the protection of personal data and privacy is our top priority. Our solution meets the requirements of the GDPR, the EU’s ground-breaking privacy policy. European customer data is stored and processed in encrypted form in data centres within the EU.

To guarantee data security, test taker data is secured and processed through three layers of encryption:

  1. The zero-knowledge layer is secured using AES-GCM before it leaves the test taker’s device, using encryption keys never shared with Proctorio
  2. Transmission into the data centre is only over TLS 1.2 or 1.3 and, if the client supports it, we use Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS).
  3. Data at rest within the data centre is encrypted using AES-256 and is FIPS 140-2 compliant. All data centres are ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 attested and located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for Europe.

Only authorised personnel from the testing institution can decrypt exam data. No other entity, not even Proctorio, has access to your data.

Plan and conduct online exams flexibly with Proctorio, the fully automated and GDPR-compliant browser extension for Learning Management Systems, including identity verification.

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